Kehewin Cree Nation

Emergency Management Committee

Covid 19 Emergency Response Services

Safety Watch

In an attempt to better protect the Nation's on reserve members, on March 28th, OKimaw and Council passed a resolution stating that we will begin monitoring the travels of individuals entering and leaving Kehewin Cree Nation.

The reason being is two-fold: 

A. With cases of COVID 19 being identified within 20 minutes of our boundaries, it is crucial to practice social distancing, and safe practices with those enter and leaving the nation.

B. To further encourage our members to be accountable in their self-isolation and social distancing practices.

Since the creation of the KCN checkpoints, the Emergency Management Committee has been able to identify time frames of high and low-frequency points of travel. One shocking fact we have identified is that during the hours of 7:00 am - 7:00 pm only 15% of travel has been identified as essential trips.

With this information, Okimaw and Council, on March 30th, 2020, introduced an 8 pm to 6 am curfew. During this time, traffic will be limited to only essential services and pre-established individuals needing to travel for work-related purposes.  Non-essential travel on and off the nation (such as visiting, Timmies runs, dropping off friends) will not be allowed. The Nation's boundaries will be essentially off-limits.  

What to expect when Traveling through Kehewin?

  • Expect to answer a series of questions concerning: Where you are coming from? Where you are going and your purpose for travel?
  • Safe Watch Check Stop workers will also record your license plates. 
  • Your information will then be uploaded into an online database. This database will be referred to identify traffic trends in the nation.

Can I still get in the Nation if I'm coming from or going to work during the curfew hours?

  • Yes, during a time like this, when people are being laid-off left and right, we do not want to stop anyone from providing for their families. However, we would like to put a few safety measures in place to ensure the integrity of our checkpoints.  We ask all contracted non-band members entering the nation and all individuals living on the nation who work elsewhere to register a permit through this site. We will then print and distribute these permits to you. We ask you to place it on your dashboard. It will allow our Safety Workers to quickly identify you and record your passing. To get yourself a permit please register by clicking here.